Book « Relative Theory of Money v2.718 » - rev. 1.3.7 (Github rev. )


I want to thank for re-reading, corrections, advice, or inspiring reflections: Yoland Bresson, Olivier Auber, Thierry Crouzet, Gérard Foucher, Marie Bérenger, Pierre Teisserenc, and Philippe Scoffoni, as well as all those which directly or indirectly permits the elaboration of RTM version 2.718.

A particular thank to Luc Fievet, producer of “Symbiose”, a free radio show. Graphic artist in his spare time and which produces wonderful illustrative graphics with the free software Blender, published under GNU GPL v.3 license for version 2.0 and are already existing in this version 2.718.

A special thought to Jean-Jacques Brucker and Canercandan, free software developers, who developed a free money software based on the RTM in the project named “OpenUDC” ( and also to all the contributors working on the “uCoin” project (

Luc Fievet’s graphics are accessible on


RTM 1.0 cover reviewed by Luc Fievet