Book « Relative Theory of Money v2.718 » - rev. 1.3.7 (Github rev. )

License and Versionning

The Relative Theory of Money (“RTM”) is edited as a software under free license GPL v3, because considered as a possible and modifiable base of a software system of free money. All theoretical conception can be considered as a source code.

You are free to copy, distribute, quote, modify, sell this text, as well as create alternatives versions. You should report that liberty for RTM’s parts you recovery and published.

You could find more information about GNU GPL license on Wikipedia to the address

This version is the 2.718. I wanted suggest an edition under that form to permit RMT improvements and completion, including through a collaborative process. You can contribute to futures versions by suggesting updates of present data, additions of complementary points, graphics or other kinds of contribution on

If you wish donate to author, or do numerical purchase, paper or other, you will get those possibilities on the same web site.